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Mike Shinoda

   Mike Shinoda, 33 (11 de fev, 1977)

  I did These draw, because @happybday_mike want to celebrate and I sent a couple os days ago…

  So, I dont wanna talk about my draw, I   wanna talk about Mike.

  Michael Kenji, that I like to called him, I love this middle name… that why my blog is Fekenji..

I’m fan of Linkin Park since 2004, but I have to listened before I turn fan,  When LP came to Brazil I wans’t able to went for this concert, because I was 14 also My Big Mother doen’st allow-me to go for this concert.

One year after I make a new Friend she is Bruna Rodrigues, We turned friends and she started do talk about Linkin Park how much she was fan, I also I did the same but not too much, I did knew about LP only how much was they are good …

We started to buy a lot of posters, banners and dvds/cds, we have like LP Sessions at my home, OMG! I was addiceted… I tought is like a moment in my life.. but till nowadays and will be this Forever…

among in this time, I started to look up to Mike, because also I love art since I was baby….rs its like passed from mother to daughter.

So, I began to meaning my future, What I will be? I have idea but anyone whom I know would like to invest in my dream it was act in movies or theater, so How I have in my veis art and crafts, when I gradueted in High school, I started to do Design visual communication and project, My parents works with Design Graphic focus on visual communication among 15 years. Well, I can said Mike has a big influence on me, because actually I wanna be atress, but I know this career is too dificult so I choose Design, because I love and I have big influence in My Life.

So, Mike also is not my favor vocal he is my influencer in my life..

I love your style, I love how he cares about the next people.. I love his voice, too..

I hope Mike if you read this. please comment I will be glad.

I’m learning english, so sorry about my mistakes here. I would like to express my feeling but still dificult to me… I hope soon I can post again and try to write How much you are importat to me..

You still be importante, I always try to be connect with you, because when I’m bad I listened LP and FM I fell better. Thanks so much…

Sm2 (YOU INSIDE of MY HEART s2 can you imagine?)

I’m from Brazil, and I’m studying english in Miami


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